On September 26 and 27, 2022, Executive Board Members Mr. Nick Baker and Mr. Ricky Coleman performed an internal audit of the American Rail System Federation as prescribed in the bylaws. See their statement below:

“On September 26th and 27th we traveled to the federation office in Cattletsburg, KY to review the financial statements and assets in the capacity of a trustee per the bylaws. During this time, we saw that the obligated funds were received from all former federations for our initial startup. Credit card statements and investments seem to be in good standings. The expenditures fall in line with federal regulations and entitlements. Future actions will include the sale of the Knoxville office to recoup that money and save on the monthly costs associated with its up keep.”

Sep 21 2022 9:59AM
Ratification ballots pertaining to the tentative agreement between the BMWED and the Class I freight carriers were dropped in the mail yesterday.

At the link provided below you will find the BMWED-NCCC Tentative Agreement (TA) as well as a Q&A document intended to help answer some of the questions surrounding the TA and the PEB’s recommendations.

DPG Gangs are stronger than ever! Reach out to your Vice Chairman and schedule a gang visit.

Contract update!

“We are bound and determined to make this Federation stronger by working (together) with rank and file members.”

American Rail System Federation Formed to Comprise All Norfolk Southern BMWED Members

BMWED-IBT members on Norfolk Southern Railway officially united today as the American Rail System Federation, electing former Alliance Federation First Vice Chairman Johnny Long its first General Chairperson.

Organizing System Gangs

Trapper Corey was elected by the JPB to serve as Vice Chairman Region 1 of the American Rail System Federation. Also, Brother Ethan Mackey was appointed to serve as JPB member representing Region 1. Congratulations Brothers!